These Figure Skaters Will Absolutely Take Your Breath Away With Their Routine To “The Sound Of Silence”

About This Video:

Silence really has a sound. These dancers did something unimaginable. How does someone translate a song into an amazing dance routine? These guys did it so exquisitely such that I was left in pure awe and amazement, I bet you will be too. Sometimes it takes talent to do amazing things but in most cases, it takes more than just talent as what these guys did. I don’t think talent can explain such a routine. I know what you must be thinking, “Magic.” But I’ll have to politely disagree again, it can’t be magic.

Let me try to explain precisely what these guys did so that you can have a deep understand on why I was totally awed by the contents of the video. I might have referred to these guys as dancers in the first paragraph but they are ice skaters. So, yes, they are performing their dance routine whilst ice skating at the same time. That is one thing I never seemed to get enough of. How do you pull of such amazing dance moves on ice skates? It’s way out of this world but they did it anyway.

And while skating, they are pulling off an amazing dance routine to the legendary song, “The Sound of Silence” in a manner that will leave you really shocked. The way they are just perfectly doing it is way out of this world and it really deserves a loud applause.

Their names are Vannessa James and Margan CIpres. My further research on the two revealed that they were actually competing at a world competition in Tokyo. Their routine didn’t get the best position (They were probably cheated) but they got the best marks because their performance was just way out of this world.

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